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Its never a simple and easy process when selling your home. But chances are that it will be one of the biggest transaction you will make in your lifetime! Make sure you can maximize your profits! Trust me, its worth it!! Putting in the extra efforts will go along way! And hey! If your to lazy to do it yourself, call us! We will be more than happy to do it for you ;)

Rearrange - Now its time to rearrange your things. Move around furniture and give the room a fresh new look. Here is a great link that can give you some inspiration on how to arrange your space .

Organize your things- If you plan on living in the home through the sale process then you of course want to be comfortable. It's not easy keeping up a "perfect house" as we all know but there are simple steps that can definitely make it more attainable! 

Go to your local Target/Walmart/Hardware store and get some storage bins and decorative baskets of all shapes and sizes. Ones in neutral colors are best (think black, brown, natural). Use the big storage bins to take all the stuff you don't plan on using anytime soon and put them in storage. Your going to be moving soon anyways so why not get a early start! Use your smaller decorative baskets to organize the items you need on a daily/weekly basis. A basket to hold all of your laundry detergents in the laundry room, a small basket on the bathroom counter to hold all your make up, lotion and potions, etc... Instead of spreading things out, think of compacting things down. 

Clearing out the clutter- Once you have decided what features you want to accentuate in each room its now time to clear away all that "stuff". You know, the stuff you accumulate over the years, the pile of clothes in the corner of the bedroom, that worn down cabinet in the kitchen, that old rug the dog loves so much, those outdated curtains... stuff! Once you have cleared out all the eye sores its time to organize...

A walk through- First things first, grab a clipboard, paper and a pen and stand in your living room. Take a good look at what makes that room fabulous! Is it the big Bay window? The beautiful Vintage tiled fireplace? The hardwood floors? What makes that room special and valuable? Now its to accentuate those features! Is your sofa blocking the window? Is your mantel cluttered? Old rug hiding those gorgous floors? Time to make a list of all the negatives that are cluttering up that gorgeous room and clear them out. Lets shine up that diamond and get her ready for her big day! (p.s. do this for every room).

You might love your house for every window and every stud but that doesn't mean that its perfect! Sometimes home owner feel for their house the way a parent feels for their baby..... might not be the cutest little guy out there but to mama, he's perfect!!!

Just because you feel that way doesn't mean that the Fords Modeling Agency is going to be knocking at your door anytime soon. Nor does it mean' that your going to get that high price you think your beautiful home deserves.

Its time to get realistic and create a plan of action. If you want or need to get a certain price for your home then its time to plan, prep and get moving! 

Once you know who to use and what price range your home will sell for its time to take off those rose colored glasses and take a good look at yourself... or your house at least! 

If you were a buyer walking into your home what would excite you? What would make you turn away and what would have you scratching your head in wonder? "What does this switch do?" "Why is this room so orange?".

How to prepare your home for the real estate marker.

There are many reasons why people decide to sell their home. Once you have made the decision to sell, now what? 

Well naturally you first get on good ole' Google and see whats going on in the market, or better yet, your neighborhood. Remember that house that sold just down the street? How much did it go for? Or neighbor Fran's house next door with the for sale sign! Whats her asking price? Once you figure out what your neighborhood comps (real estate term for "comparable". Homes comparable to your own) are, you just might want to start a new search on Google!..... 

"Best Realtor in my area". Finding a good Realtor isn't to hard. The best real estate agents keep a good rapport and ongoing relationship with their past clients. So chances are you have a friend, a sibling or someone at work who knows "best Realtor ever"! 

De-personalize - Even though this home is where your kids probably grew up and where many memories have been made, its time to take down those family photos. Remove any personal items, i.e that abstract painting you did freshmen year, the kiddos art plastered all over the fridge, etc. Time to make your home neutral and appealing to many buyers. You want your buyer to imagine themselves there, making there own memories not feel like they are in someone else's home, invading on someone else's space.