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Project Management - We provide management services for your construction site. If you are to busy to be there yourself or would like an extra eye on the developing project we can be there to make sure everything is running according to plan and efficiently. 

Construction Consultation - Rehabilitating a home? flipping? We provide a consultation package that will have you spending your budget in all the right places. Before you start your demo contact us for a quick, easy and affordable construction consultation that will lead you in the right direction.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time! We are always eager to help!

Price proposals will be submitted after a walk through and evaluation of each  home. Please contact us for more information.

Full Staging - We also like to call this the "going all out!" deal! This Package will help you transform your vacant property into a masterpiece! Each room will be fully staged and decorated. Rooms include Living Room, Master Bedroom, Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, All Bathrooms, All Bedrooms, Entry way and Hallways.  This package will highlight each room in the home and maximize the viewers impression. This is a great package for any home of any size. 

Partial Staging + One - This Package includes all terms in the "partial staging" package plus one additional bedroom.

Partial Staging - This Package is a great step up from light staging but maintains affordability. In this package the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and all Bathrooms will be fully staged and decorated. This is the perfect package if you have a home with a great Master Bedroom that you would like to highlight!

Light Staging - This Package is perfect for the home owner on a budget! In this package the homes essential rooms will be fully decorated. These rooms include the Living room, Dining room, Kitchen and One Bathroom. This is an easy and affordable package that will dress up a vacant home and give the buyers a lasting first impression. 

Re-Design - This service is perfect for an already furnished home. In this package  we will provide you with a thorough walk through of the property along with a detailed proposal of changes and improvements that should be made. We will also rearrange, adjust, and add onto your current furnishings. We will not only utilize the home owner's items but we will also bring in key pieces such as art, pillows, accessories etc. to improve the overall appearance of the home. All while the home owner is able to maintain their comfort and livability during the selling process.

Consultations - Our consultation package is a low cost and affordable option to get your home prepared for the real estate market. 

During our One hour consult we will perform a thorough walk through of your property and provide you with detailed steps you can take to improve your homes marketability and maximize your sale profit. We will provide you with a detailed proposal of changes or improvements that can be made. 

We pride ourselves in working in a wide variety of Real Estate. Big or small, in either size or budget, we are always available to help. Please see our service list below to find what best suits your needs.